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Fire Risk

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The safety of our clients is paramount. Safeguarding them against the risk of a fire and providing a clear escape procedure, route and assembly point is a vital element of the process.

With the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, we at ARVAG have built a specialist team to tackle the need for fire risk assessment (FRA) works across the UK.

Our clients include some of the largest social housing groups, private and social healthcare trusts, main contractors and commercial customers.

We offer Direct Labour Operatives, highlighting that we do not subcontract our work. As a business, you will be assured that we know who is working on your project and that they are correctly trained with DBS Check and necessary qualifications.

Our Process

Our team will go to your property or group of properties ensuring it is compliant with the relevant legal standards. This might may involve removing previous doors and replacing them with legally compliant FD30S doors, compartmentation, or adding intumescent paints.

If we are carrying out Fire Risk Assessments on a complete building, our team will set up a office on site, ensuring that everything from negotiating with clients and ordering required materials is managed effectively by our team. Once the project begins, we will provide a Resident Liaison Office on site who will help to resolve any issues should they occur.

If we are completing a smaller project which does not involve tenants, we will carry out a Fire Risk Assessments on the entire site, working with your staff to ensure everything is completely smoothly.

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Our ProcessFire Risk AssessmentOn recent projects, the total failure rate of doors below the legal standard compliant was 90%


Carry out a Fire Risk Assessment and check the property in order to assess the work that needs to be carried out.


Complete necessary work for example fixing any non-compliant, non-closing doors or fitting 15mm intermittent strips.


After completion of the work, carry out another Fire Risk Assessment, providing the site with a legally compliant certificate.

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